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Jeebly’s Magnificent Seven-Year Voyage

In the bustling heart of Dubai, 2016 witnessed the birth of a dream named Jeebly. What began as a promising last-mile logistics vision soon transformed into a beacon of excellence in UAE logistics by 2023. With a passionate team of over 150 individuals and a roaring fleet of 2,500, Jeebly has been painting UAE red and blue with its signature service, leaving an eternal mark on the logistics landscape.

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Efficient reverse logistics strategies to maximize customer satisfaction
How to Maximize Customer Satisfaction through Efficient Reverse Logistics

We understand that customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of long-term business success. Happy customers not only become loyal advocates but also contribute to a positive brand reputation and repeat sales. In today’s competitive marketplace, one key aspect of ensuring customer satisfaction is efficient reverse logistics.

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Learn to revolutionize B2B & B2C shipments with Digital Innovation - Jeebly
Jeebly Now App: Revolutionizing B2B and B2C Shipments with Digital Innovation

We at Jeebly are reshaping the world of shipment management with our groundbreaking tech advancement via Jeebly Now App. Our goal is simple yet powerful: to provide businesses and consumers with a seamless and efficient platform that transforms the way B2B and B2C shipments are handled.

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Guide to White Glove Delivery Service
What Does White Glove Delivery Service Mean? A Comprehensive Guide

In the competitive business landscape, delivering exceptional customer experience has become a paramount goal for companies. One approach that has gained significant popularity is the provision of White Glove Delivery Services.

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The Impact of Cross-Border E-Commerce on GCC’s Retail Landscape

Cross-border e-commerce is on the rise worldwide, and the (GCC) region, comprising Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is no exception. Technological advancements and consumer inclination towards online shopping have turned the GCC region into a significant cross-border market.

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Cold Chain Logistics & Technologies

Cold chain logistics solution is the process of transporting and storing temperature-sensitive products under controlled conditions. This specialised logistics industry ensures that products, such as food, pharmaceuticals, and other perishables, are transported and stored at specific temperatures to maintain their quality and integrity.

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Your Guide To Tackling Customs Clearance In GCC!

When it comes to doing business in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, navigating the complex world of customs clearance can be a significant challenge. With a variety of regulations, procedures, and paperwork requirements to consider, it's no wonder that many companies find themselves struggling to manage their customs processes effectively.

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Ways To Reduce Last-Mile Delivery Costs

Last-mile delivery or last-mile logistics is the concluding or final leg part of the supply chain process, where goods are transported from a distribution hub, local warehouse, or fulfillment center to the customer’s door. The primary goal of last-mile delivery is to ensure timely, efficient, accurate, and affordable delivery of packages to customers.

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Fast Mile Revolution in the Last Mile Industry

Until a year ago, customers delighted in next day courier service for their online orders. However, with the multifold rise in the volume of necessity-based products during the COVID-19 pandemic, the customer demand window has shrunk from the next day to the same day and even 30 minutes in case of certain deliveries.

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Customer Centricity: Buzzwords or Strategic Intent!

The theory of customer centricity or customer centric organization was born in 1954 when Peter Drucker in his classic “The Practice of Management” said “it is the customer who determines what the business is, what it produces and whether it will prosper”.

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5 Reasons why Reverse Logistics is important for your Business

In this pandemic-stricken world today, e-commerce business has grown leaps and bounds as compared to the traditional retail businesses.

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