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A futuristic platform equipped with new-age artificial intelligence and machine learning, Merai provides the fastest, most convenient and economical way to track deliveries and manage your fleet with complete transparency and visibility.

It empowers your business by giving you complete control over the logistics without all the complexities of a tech-based platform, so you can focus on taking care of your customers in an efficient way.

Unparalleled access to a suite of business tools

Take your business to the next level with Merai and get access to features such as:

Order scheduling

Meeting your regular shipping needs with orders that you can schedule as per your convenience.

Segmented visual dashboard

All the details you need to run your business smoothly on one efficient and user-friendly interface.

Google AI-vision to capture data

Gain an edge to your business by accurately predicting trends and learning valuable insights.

Intelligent order assignment

Ensure seamless functioning of bulk orders with a seamlessly automatic order assignment function.

On-demand pick-up & delivery alerts

Real-time tracking on a map interface with shareable, secure links and push notification APIs.

Delivery automation

Automated delivery allocation, ETA calculation, and actual distance calculation based on customer location and delivery vehicle location.

Cash & E-pod management

Cash and card management (COD) at point of sale, electronic proof of delivery as image, signature, timestamp, and geo-coordinates

Delivery fleet optimization

Consolidation of deliveries based on location and capacity to increase on demand delivery fleet efficiency.

Route planning visualization

App allows client to visually compare planned route against actual route on a map interface and identify bottlenecks.

Advanced geocoding

World’s most accurate and diverse geocoding engine with multiple map-data and geocoding partners that works with 140+ countries.

Real-time delay planning

Real-time planning updates that allow you to identify delays and take quick remedial actions.

Heat map analysis

Heat map analysis of customer locations and delivery vehicle density.

deliveries made easy.

A highly configurable, last-mile delivery and dispatch management platform that gives you access to a suite of AI-powered intelligent solutions; used to gain complete visibility over your processes while maintaining operational efficiency and real-time insights.

Forward & reverse logistics

Omnichannel ship-from-store and return-to-store solutions that are fast, flexible and cost-effective.

Courier aggregation

Tie-ups with a large number of service providers to ensure timely delivery across the region.

First, mid & last mile delivery

Total delivery solutions from the factories and warehouses to distribution centres and customers.

Real time tracking

Real-time last mile tracking on a map interface which can be shared through secure links or push notification APIs.

Hardware agnostic platform

Our last mile delivery app is hardware independent and has negligible impact on battery life.

Automated planning & optimisation

Resource capacity, delivery route planning and route optimization software for all distribution models including single pick up-multiple drop and multiple pick up-multiple drop algorithms.

Real-time ETA calculation

Real-time re-routing, delivery route optimization, and updated Estimated Time of Arrival (ETAs) based on change in conditions.

Electronic proof of delivery

Cash and card management (COD) at point of sale, electronic proof of delivery as image, signature, timestamp and geo-coordinates.

Interactive planning dashboard

Interactive dashboards to analyse entire delivery network using heat maps, trend lines and planned vs actual SLA comparisons.

Dynamic re-routing

Algorithm considers various parameters including resource capacity, customer locations, and time preferences, traffic and weather conditions.

Delivery route planning & visualization

Our last mile delivery app allows clients to visually compare planned route against actual route on a map interface and identify bottlenecks.

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We offer seamless integrations across a wide range of delivery channels and e-commerce solutions to help you conduct operations in a timely manner.

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