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E-commerce FAQS

Some frequently asked questions about our E-Commerce offerings, including coverage, features, and API integrations to answer all your e-commerce queries.
Which countries do you operate in?
We currently operate across all the Emirates in the UAE, Bahrain and are coming very soon to KSA, Qatar and Egypt.
How do I open an account with you?
Please fill out the contact form here and we will be in touch with you.
How Can I Contact Your Customer Service Team?
UAE customers call on 600 JEEBLY (533259) from Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm. Bahrain customers call on +971317005979 from Sunday to Saturday 9am to 7pm or just email on
Payment related queries:
Our clear payment terms and policies, ensure all transactions and business dealings are smooth and hassle free.
1) Do you offer COD (Cash on Delivery) services?
2) Do you offer CCOD (Credit Card on Delivery) services?
This service is coming soon.
3) What are the payment methods?
We accept both cheques and bank transfer. You can choose whatever is more convenient for you.
4) When Will I Receive My Cash on Delivery (CODs)?
We transfer domestic COD to clients as per varying schedules from daily to once a fortnight. International COD transfers take up to two weeks to reach your account. T&Cs will apply.
5) What are the payment terms?
Monthly invoices are issued at the beginning month with 7 days’ payment terms defined. In case payments are not cleared within stipulated time, the COD received shall be held for 15 days. Post which the invoices shall be offset from the COD.
6) Will I Need to Pay a Fee to Remit CODs?
We don’t charge any remittance fees. However, there may be bank related fees in case your account is in a different country from the delivery destination.
Pickup and Delivery Queries
We encourage our clients to clarify all concerns regarding pickup/deliveries from the start to avoid any disputes or confusions at a later stage.
1) Can I Arrange a Pickup for My Orders?
Pickups are possible for our Dropship clients. Request for creation of pickup request can be created under “Manage client pickups” in our Merchant portal.
2) At What Time Will the Carrier Pick Up My Consignment?
You can choose the pick-up timings based on the driver availability and schedule in your area.
3) Can I Have Multiple Pickup Locations?
Yes, you can set as many pickup locations as you need.
4) Can you do a late pickup from our warehouse?
Yes, depending on the business the client provides (monthly order volume), we can do late pickups.
5) What About in Remote Areas?
We provide both pick-up and delivery to classified remote areas on specific days of the week.
For Delivery: An address location can be checked on the client portal if it falls under the remote category and available slots can be selected as per your convenience.
For Pick-ups: Depending on the availability of our driver in a specific area, pick-ups can be arranged. Client based in UAE can schedule through the client portal or can send email to the support team.
6) When Do You Deliver?
You can schedule a delivery anytime between 9 am and 6 pm from Saturday to Thursday.
7) Can Someone Other Than the Recipient Receive My Order?
For COD shipments, If the client is unavailable, someone else can receive the order on their behalf. For prepaid shipments, presenting the client’s ID in person is mandatory.
8) What If I Need to Change the Contact Number or the COD Amount for a Shipment?
You can change the contact number or COD amount for shipments that are yet to be delivered by contacting our customer service team. UAE customers call on 600 JEEBLY (533259) and Bahrain customers call on +971317005979 or just email on
9) Can you integrate with our website?
10) Do you have API plugins available for Shopify, Magento, and Woo Commerce?
Ready-made plugins are not available. However, the integration can be done on a case-by-case basis with extensive demo and test process till the system can go LIVE.
Track and Trace Queries
Yes, you’re able to track and trace your shipments. Here’s how!
1) How Can I Track My Orders?
In the Client Portal and enter your client login credentials and you’ll see the status of all your orders. Your customers can also track their orders at
2) Can I Reschedule My Order?
Yes, through the Client Portal. Alternatively, you can send a request via email to your assigned account manager.
Shipping related Queries
All answers related to our shipping and logistics solutions.
1) How Does International Shipping Work?
There are some restrictions for international shipping depending on the destination. For any queries about international shipments, please contact your assigned account manager.
2) If we have a requirement outside of your SOP, can you support it?
Yes. We are always open to provide the best in class customized logistics solutions to our clients.
3) What Are DP Shipments?
DP means denied party. Shipments flagged as DP mean that the delivery details about the recipient are incomplete. For instance, the order may have an incomplete name or address. In these cases, the shipment will be returned to you, and you’ll need to create a new order with the correct details.
Packaging related Queries
Appropriate packaging is essential to prevent damage to your shipment. Please read our recommendations below:
1) What’s the Best Way to Package My Shipment?
The right packaging depends on what item is being shipping. Please contact your Sales personnel to get the extensive guide on how to package your order. For Dropship items, you must adhere to these guidelines before you hand over your shipment to us.
Refer and Download the Guideline Docket
Insurance and Claims Queries
Damaged or lost shipments can be claimed. T & C’s apply.
1) How Can I Claim Compensation for a Lost or Damaged Item?
The client must inform about any lost or damaged item within X hours of the delivery. There shall be an internal audit and investigation to prepare a root cause analysis report. If the damage was done due to an operational error, a credit note to the value of the shipment shall be issued. However, if the package did not meet the recommended packaging guidelines, the claim shall be declined.
We are always available to answer any other queries you may have. If there’s anything that we haven’t covered here, please send an email to your assigned account manager or UAE customers call on 800 JEEBLY (533259) and Bahrain customers call on +971317005979
What’s the best way for our business customers to chat with your customer support for tracking, rescheduling or sharing location?
JIM, our WhatsApp BOT is always ready to assist you. Whatsapp alerts are sent out when the shipments are sent out for delivery. Customers are notified at every step of the delivery and can share their location pin for delivery or reschedule in case they are not available to receive the delivery.

On-Demand Logistics FAQs

Find answers to your questions including delivery radius, order tracking, and fleet details.
Where in the UAE can you deliver?
Our delivery zones cover all Emirates – Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Fujairah, Ajman and Ras Al Khaimah.
What is the size of your available fleet?
We have a fleet of around 2000+ riders.
What is the maximum delivery radius?
The delivery radius is up to 15 km (360 degrees from the restaurant).
What is the size of your delivery box?
We have 2 box sizes: Abu Dhabi – 45×45, Dubai & rest of the Emirates 50×50
Can you manage clubbed orders?
We do not club orders! One delivery per rider per trip.
Do you offer COD (Cash on Delivery) services?
Do you offer CCOD (Credit Card on Delivery) services?
Coming soon!
Can we have a branded fleet?
Yes. Our dedicated service and hybrid models offer the option for a branded fleet.
Can we track and trace our orders and riders?
Yes. Our advanced technology platform integrates with all systems and riders on the go.
Do you have open APIs?
What are the SLAs from pick-up to delivery?
We offer delivery within 30 minutes of pick up to delivery point.
What types of vehicles do you have?
Our fleet includes bikes, cars, and vans.
Can you manage scheduled deliveries for groceries?
Yes. Our platform offers scheduled, instant, and next day deliveries.
What are the operating hours for this service?
Our timings are flexible across United Arab Emirates. Mainly from 11:00 AM to 12:00 AM
Who do we contact for support?
To resolve all your queries, email

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