Jeebly NoW- "Pick n Drop" | "Shop n Drop"

DISCLAIMER: Jeebly does not store the parcels/items at the warehouse. All items are picked up from the sender and delivered to the recipient.

List of Prohibited items:

  • Any sharp-edged items such as knives, swords, or cutting objects.
  • Explosive or inflammable items such as fireworks or gas cylinders.
  • Any live animals, birds, or insects.
  • Pirated goods or materials prohibited by the government.
  • Illegal substances, alcohol, or narcotics.
  • Weapons or ammunition of any sort which can cause bodily harm to another individual.

Packaging instructions:

While we take utmost care in ensuring that the parcel is delivered in the perfect condition as it was first received, all items must be packaged in a protective outer covering for security and package integrity.

Packaging of the parcel is the responsibility of the sender. Jeebly shall not be responsible for any packaging.


  • In case of food items like curries or soups, please ensure that an airtight container is used which is further covered in a spill-proof/plastic bag to prevent leakage and damage to the bike box.
  • Jeebly transports the packages from one place to another and can not be held liable in case food items spill due to inadequate packaging or grow stale during the transit.


  • All documents must be sealed in an appropriately sized envelope before handing over to the Jeebler. Our Jeeblers are well trained in ensuring the safety and protection of your items and documents. However, it is the sender’s responsibility to package the items securely.


  • Please refer to the list of prohibited items for further information here
  • All fragile items and glass articles must be secured with bubble-wrap to avoid cracks and damage.