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Shop 'n' Drop

No more queuing at the cash counters! We shop for you at your favourite stores and deliver at your doorstep.

Pick 'n' Drop

Get anything and Everything picked and dropped to the location of your choice* *T&C Apply

Our Processes are

Easy & Convenient
Safe & Secure
Fast & Swift
Optimized & Tracked

Our Jeeblers care for your deliveries

Understand that you want your deliveries pronto
Make sure they deliver it in the best condition
Look forward to service you again!

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What is Jeebly NoW Platform?

Whether you need milk and bread or left your wallet at a friend’s place, we have got you covered.
In short, something to be picked up or purchased within your city? Let us know what you need and from where which can fit in our Bike Delivery Box, a Jeebler will get it straight to you!

Q.What can I send / receive or purchase?

Whatever our bike delivery box (45x45x45) can accommodate! Purchases can be made under 300/- AED in total.

Q.How do I pay the pickup and delivery charges?

Online Payment using your debit or credit cards.

Q.If I cancel my order, will I get a refund?

Yes, Jeebly will refund the amount post capturing the base rate (if cancelled before dispatch). All refunds will be processed within 5-7 business days.

Q.How do I pay for the purchases made under Shop ‘n’ Drop?

Jeebler must be paid in cash for all purchases made by the person receiving the items at delivery location!

Q.Can I get refund for purchases made?

Purchases made cannot be returned or refunded by Jeebly as these purchases are made by Third party Jeeblers upon your instructions. You may raise your concerns directly to the vendor from whom the purchases were made.

Q.Will I be compensated for loss or damage of items that I send through this service?

Jeeblers who helps in transit items are the third-party providers, which means Jeebly cannot take responsibility for lost or damaged items. This is laid out in the terms and conditions that govern your use of the Jeebly Platform.

Q.Mood Changed, modify your order?

No problem! We allow You to modify your order by contacting our customer care, or by calling the Jeebler directly. Once the Jeebler has made purchases of certain items, the items cannot be modified.

Q.Can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order by contacting our customer care. However, if you're cancelling after the Jeebler arrives at the pickup location, the service fee will apply.

Q.How do I talk to Jeebly?

You can contact our service excellence team by calling +971 4 320 7100.

Q.Can I track my order?

Yes, you can track your order in real time, from the moment you order, to the moment it reaches at your doorstep.

Q.Why is my service fee higher than the estimated fees shown?

Actual fee may vary from estimate because of:
   -Time spent by a Jeebler at pick-up location
   -Unusual traffic
    -Longer route than expected
   -Toll charges
   -Taxes based on local law or regulations

Q.How is the service fee calculated?

Starting: 15.00 AED (0-7kms)
Moving per KM post 7 kms: AED 01:65 Per KM
Any relevant surcharges, peak time charges, tolls or taxes may be added

Q.What does the service fee consist of?

Starting – Charged at the start of every order from pickup point.
Moving – Charged per km traveled by a Jeebler.

Q.Our operational countries & cities?

Abu Dhabi,UAE
Al Ain, UAE
Dubai, UAE
Sharjah, UAE

Q.What are the operating hours for this service?

United Arab Emirates – from 11:00 AM to 11:30 PM