Our Packaging Guidelines

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Guidelines for Good Packaging

You can help to ensure that your package arrives safely and on time with these packaging guidelines and procedures. We understand the importance of each parcel and transporting it to its final destination as it was received is our priority.

Our detailed packaging guidelines ensure damage prevention so there is no compromise on in the quality of the item being delivered.

It provides detailed information on the use of Cartons, bubble wrap and labels which are generally available or can be ordered through Jeebly.


  • Size – Small / Medium / large.
  • Weight – Light 0.1 to 5kgs/ Medium 5-10 Kgs/ Heavy – above 10 kgs.
  • Package contents – liquids or gels/ fragile/ accessories and jewelry/ perishable products/ loose items/ documents/ Cosmetics/ apparel/ footwear.

General guidelines

  • All items must be packaged in boxes wherever possible and placed in Jeebly pouches.
  • Contents must be properly wrapped.
  • Packaging material such as newspaper, hay straw or others, must be added to eliminate the movement inside the box.
  • In case of heavier items, strong tapes designed for shipping must be used.
  • Appropriate stickers corresponding with the item must be used such as Fragile, keep upright etc.
  • Jeebly AWB must be attached with the correct number of boxes.

Special Packaging Requirements:

  • Fragile items
  • Liquid products
  • Loose/ multiple items
  • Cosmetics or Similar
  • Apparel/ Footwear/ Accessories/ jewelry

Fragile items

Fragile products need additional care and attention for safe delivery hence utmost care and attention must be paid for their safe handling.

  • Mandatory requirement is to have fragile stickers attached on the boxes.
  • Individual item must be bubble wrapped.
  • Box or cartons should be used instead of soft pouches.
  • Special handling instructions/stickers must be provided in case the package has to be transported in a specific way.

Liquid products

To ensure no leakage or cross contamination, containers/bottles holding liquids and gels must be carefully packaged.

  • Mandatory requirements – fragile sticker and Liquid sticker.
  • Cardboard dividers to be used for multiple breakable bottles.
  • Bubble wrap must be used for individual items.
  • Products to be double-sealed or safely sealed.
  • If the container is not double-sealed individual packaging is mandatory.

Note: Spray bottles, and general household items may not be double-sealed.

Loose or Multiple Items

  • Wrap all items separately.
  • Do not tape orders together.
  • Use 2 inches of cushioning between items.
  • Do not bundle multiple items together.
  • Loose items must be bagged and placed in a carton.
  • Items must not be placed in Jeebly pouches.

Cosmetics or Similar

Jeebly does not currently offer temperature-controlled transportation and hence all items must be able to withstand ambient temperatures (temperature may exceed 35 degrees during transit).

  • Use of Fragile stickers is mandatory.
  • Individual item must be bubble wrapped.
  • Box cartons must be used instead of soft pouches.
  • Special handling instructions/stickers must be provided in case the package has to be transported in a specific way.
  • Thermo-boxes with sufficient packaging must be used before handing over to Jeebly representative.

Apparel/ Footwear/ Accessories/ jewelry

  • All jewelry must be put into individual sealed pouches and bubble wrapped.
  • Pouches must be placed in a box with sufficient packaging material.
  • Box should be sealed using secure tape and placed in a Jeebly bag and sealed again.
  • Apparel should be folded and placed in proper way.
  • Footwear may be placed in original box/suitable box with sufficient packaging material.

Jeebly Strives to ensure all packages are handled and delivered with utmost care. Non-Adherence to the packaging guidelines may result in:

  • Non acceptance of packages from pickup location.
  • Delay in deliveries.
  • Refusal for any liabilities for any damages/loss.
  • Additional charges in case of cross-contamination due to leakage.
  • Blocking all future non-compliant packages till further notice.

Note: All packages must have a Jeebly AWB, which is scannable by the Jeebly Driver and must be placed in Jeebly pouches where applicable. Any Non-Compliance with regards to the guidelines may subject the package to investigation and return to the origin.

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